newbox medical Scarf Chevon MIS Foot surgery NSK Surgic Pro minimally invasive surgery

newbox medical GmbH has the courage to Change. In collaboration with physicians, surgical staff and purchasing experts, we have developed solutions that meet precisely this need for “slim” foot surgery solutions. Our innovative portfolio includes implants and instruments for foot surgery. Every product has the expertise of our many years of experience and countless development hours in the field of medical technology, which enables us to provide you with the best possible products at the best possible Price

That sounds good? It gets even better! All implants are individually packed, delivered sterile and grouped into subject-specific boxes. One of our highlights is for example the footbox. It contains a set list consisting of SCARF and SNAP-OFF screws and titanium staples. For insertion of the implants, we provide you with a reusable instrument. The sets are basically “slim” and modular – just what you actually need. On request, we can also supply you with a sterile “single use” instrument that can not be beaten up as a back up. And extremely cost-effective: you’ll be amazed how inexpensive the sterile “single use” instruments are.

Why do we do it all? Because we believe that efficient work does not need ballast. We are guided by the lightweight construction principle of the automotive industry. We have only the bare essentials on board and if necessary the range can be extended. The high efficiency and modularity reduces the scope and costs.We support you in concentrating on the essentials.