Screw systems in foot surgery

Design and production of the screw systems made in Germany

For the fixation of intra-articular fractures, the new HBS system offers the choice between two types of screws with different compression (standard / high compression). Due to their cannulation, the screws can be inserted over a 1 mm thick guide wire, which makes the use of a targeting device superfluous and enables percutaneous insertion.

Additional Information

Since both threads of the screws are self-tapping, only a single cannulated drill is required. The T-Drive system, in turn, ensures safe and precise handling. Since the screws are inactive and can be completely countersunk, they are the ideal implant for intra-articular or joint use.

TI HBS self-drilling
srew High Compression

Art. Nr. HBS-1002 – 3.0 mm
Art. Nr. HBS-1003 – 2.5 mm

  • Distal and proximal osteotomies
  • SCARF-Osteotomie
  • Uni- and bicortical internal fixation
  • Small bone fusion
  • For even better compression
  • Available from 10-40 mm in 2mm steps
  • Individually sterile packed

TI Snap off Screw

Art. Nr. SO-1002

  • Weil-Osteotomy
  • ø 2.0 mm
  • Self-tapping
  • Self drilling
  • Available from 11-14 mm in 1mm increments
  • Individually sterile packed