Minimally invasive foot surgery

Implants and equipment for minimally invasive foot surgery

Compile your initial equipment and order milling and accessories through our customer Service.

If you have any questions about our products, please do not hesitate to contact our medical device consultants. 
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Consoles for minmally invasive foot procedures

NSK Surgoic Pro Complete system for minimally invasive foot surgery. This system is approved for foot surgery (Declaration of Conformity). The complete system consists of console, foot switch, motor with cable and handpiece. We have a large pool of loan consoles, which we gladly provide. Please contact us.

Percutaneous burrs for minimally invasive surgery

Burrs for percutaneous minimally invasive foot surgery.

The length of the burrs and the design of the tips are specially developed for foot surgery.

Please don´t hesitate to get back to us if you have questions on product and technique.

Care products for NSK Surgic Pro products

The correct care of the hardware decides over the lifetime. Regular use of Pana Spray will increase the life of the tips.

Please also have a look at the product WL-clean from Alpro.

Screws for minimally invasive procedure

Self-tapping and self-drilling screw made of titanium. The special feature of this screw is the bevelled head.

The MI screw is primarily used in chevron osteotomy for minimally invasive hallux valgus surgery. The beveled screw head allows a flat fit below the medial cortex, preventing skin and tissue imperfections.

The screw head is longer compared to not explicitly made screws for MI surgery. This allows better contact with the medial cortex.

For uniform compression and high stability, the screw is inserted vertically. Each screw is delivered individually, sterile packed.