All Kirschner and drill wires are also available sterile! Our K-wires are approved as class IIb implants. Request a free sample today and compare price and quality. Tel .: +49 (0) 251 97 824 290

Our shaver blade portfolio

We offer full-scale replica instruments from the original manufacturers as well as our own variants and additions such as stopper blades or crescentic blades. As with our ground instruments, only high-quality, rust-free stainless steels are used here. You have the choice.

DTRAX® Spinal System

High-quality, sterile-packaged, disposable instrument system. Brand-new instruments at every surgery ensures consistent performance and reduces risk of contamination.

8 various shaver blades

Shaver blades for all common drive systems

Our shaver blades are compatible with the most common drive systems. As an experienced surgeon, you can choose from many different approaches. Our shaver blades are reusable. Upon request, we can also deliver individually packaged sterile blades.