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Cat. Nr. 200-6500-100-S Keilplatten
Cat. Nr. 200-6500-110-S Platten ohne Keil


VAFIX plates are designed for the open-wedge surgical technique of the Halux Valgus primo-varus. The amount of bending at the level of the osteotomy is adjusted to the size of the wedge. For the best possible correction, 6 plates with different wedge sizes are available.

Platten und Schrauben:
– Titanium alloy TI 6AI 4V
Surface coating titanium anodized according to type II

6 Wedge Plates
– 6 Plates without Wedge
Polyaxial angular stable 2.7 mm PTXL screws
Optionale Single use Trial Plates available
Optionale Single use Instrumenten Kit available