ti win Plating-Systems

Designed and manufactured in Germany

The excellent design of the ti win plate systems is well adapted to the anatomy and biomechanics of the extremities. The reduced profile height in conjunction with the soft edges of the plate minimizes tissue irritation.

Further Information

The patented polyaxial PTXL screws can be multidirectionally inserted up to 15 ° in the plate holes. The excellent geometry of the plates with the excellent angular stable connection of the screws guarantees a high primary stability. To facilitate implant removal, the surfaces of all [ti] win plates and screws are coated with a high-quality Type II titanium anodization. The titanium anodization significantly reduces the risk of Cold Welding.

The Highlight of the LAPIFIX- and RIFIX-System:

The newly developed VRX lag screw causes a compression on the milled joint gap and then anchors itself angularly stable with the plate. The resulting mechanical stabilization saves the otherwise required plantar screw. To ensure a particularly tight fit in the bone, the surgeon can choose between 2.7 mm and 3.5 mm screws.

The Highlight of the RADIUS- and FIBULA-System: The newly developed design allows a particularly anatomical reconstruction of the fragments. The difference to conventional radius plates: the distal leg of the plate rises to the ulnar side. Implantation is possible either monoaxially or polyaxially with the aid of a drill block.

Fuß – [ti] win

Fuß – [ti] win

Fuß – [ti] win



Hand – [ti] win

Hand – [ti] win